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Should I still consider installing PV panels?

Calne Solar PV installationShould I still consider installing PV panels after the Feed-in Tariff changes?

Following the recent changes to the Feed-in Tariffs you will now receive 15.44p/kWh of electricity you produce (if the building to which the solar PV installation is attached or wired to provide electricity has an Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) rated at level D or above). This amount is index linked, tax free and guaranteed for 25 years.

The export tariff has also changed and is now slightly higher, set at 4.5p/kWh for every unit of electricity that you don’t use yourself.

What does this mean for you?

PV is still a very attractive investment. Even with the new tariff you still get:

  • a good rate of return on your investment – up to 13.5% (because PV equipment prices have come down so much recently);
  • protection against energy price increases;
  • savings on your electricity bills.

See our Typical Costs and Payback page for figures based on the new rate and get in touch to book your FREE survey.

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