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Typical Payback and Costs

Solar Thermal – Typical Payback and  Costs



A well-insulated and properly used system could provide around 60% of a household’s yearly hot water. This means typical energy bill savings of £60 per year when replacing gas heating and £85 per year when replacing electric immersion heating.

Solar thermal hot water contributin graph

The graph shows the solar contributions to your hot water needs that can be achieved with a well-positioned solar thermal system. In the spring and summer months, you can expect a solar thermal system to meet all of your hot water demands.

When the Renewable Heat Incentive is introduced in spring 2014, you will also benefit from a tax-free income based on the amount of heat you produce.



The cost of a solar thermal system varies greatly from house to house but the installation of a typical solar water heating system is around £4000. Installing a typical solar thermal system costs around £4,800 but the Government estimates an average return on investment of around 12% per year.

Your installation may also be eligible for funding under the Governments Green Deal so that you do not have to pay all of the costs up front. If you install before March 2014 you could also receive a £600 grant towards the installation costs through the Government’s Renewable Heat Premium Payment Scheme (conditions apply).

The cost and benefits of a solar thermal system vary greatly for different homes. We would need to make an on-site assessment of your property to determine its suitability before we could provide a quote.

During the assessment our engineer will take all the necessary measurements so that we can be confident a solar thermal system is a viable option for you — we won’t recommend an installation if you aren’t going to benefit from it.

We are happy to discuss your requirements and give you a free, no obligation quote — please get in touch.

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