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The Technology

Solar Thermal – The Technology


What is Solar Thermal?

Solar thermal panels are a clean and highly efficient system for collecting energy from the sun and using it to supply your home with hot water. A boiler or immersion heater can be used alongside these panels to ensure that your water is hot enough. Solar panels work on the light, not the heat from the Sun so they will still work on cold winter days or on bright cloudy days.


How does a Solar Thermal system work?

Heat from the sun is collected by a special glycol/water solution contained in panels mounted on your roof. These are known as Solar Collectors. The heated liquid is then pumped through a coil located inside your hot water cylinder. This enables the captured heat to be transferred to the water in the cylinder which can then be used in your home.

A sensor in the cylinder monitors the temperature of the water and if it doesn’t reach the required temperature, the boiler or immersion heater will automatically fire up to supplement the system.


Solar Collectors

There are two main types of Solar Collector, Flat Place or Evacuated Tubes. Both have their own advantages:

Flat Plates – Generally considered to be more aesthetically pleasing and are constructed of few components.

Evacuated Tubes – Slightly more expensive but more efficient.

Our engineers will be able to talk you through the options during your free site survey and will advise you on the most appropriate system for your home.

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