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Solar Thermal – Installation


From your initial enquiry to the final commissioning of your system, this is guide to how a typical installation takes place:



Step 1 On our first visit, we will determine the suitability of your property for solar thermal. We look at the size, angle and orientation of your roof to ensure that solar thermal is a viable option for you – we won’t recommend an installation if you aren’t going to benefit from it.

Step 2 We then undertake the SAP (standard assessment procedure) calculation. This allows us to predict the potential financial gains of a Solar PV system.

Step 3 We will design a system to suit your home and produce a quote that will give you all the information you need in order to decide whether you want to proceed or not.

Step 4 The next step is the installation itself. We will agree a convenient date and time, normally allowing two to three days for the installation to take place. If your panels are to be roof mounted, we will arrange for our trusted and reliable scaffolding contractors to erect your scaffold a few days before we are due on site.



Step 1 We attach the anchors that will eventually help to fasten the panels to the roof

Step 2 We replace the tiles, ensuring a watertight seal, and fix the rails that will hold the panels in place.

Step 3 A breakthrough point is established – this is where the pipes connecting the panels to the hot water cylinder pass through the roof into the house.

Step 4 As well as fitting the panels, our experienced heating engineers drain the hot water system and fit the new solar-compatible how water cylinder, pump station and controller.

Step 5 Pipes from the roof are connected to the new cylinder.

Step 6 The solar side of the system is filled with a special solution which absorbs energy from the sun.

Step 7 Our engineers perform all of the necessary system safety and performance checks. The commissioned system is up and running with free hot water from the sun. The performance can be monitored via the screen on the controller.

Step 8 The final stage in the process is the dreaded paperwork. But don’t worry, because we do all that for you!

Once your system is commissioned, your file is passed to our administration team who will register your installation with all the necessary regulatory bodies in order for you to start receiving your FIT. We will then arrange to visit you one last time to give you your handover pack. This contains all the information about your system you should ever need to know – including warranties, technical information, manuals and most importantly, your copies of the MCS certificate. This visit gives you a chance to ask any questions you may have and gives us a chance to make sure you are happy with your new installation.

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