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The Technology

Solar PV – The Technology

What is Solar Photovoltaics (PV)?

A solar photovoltaic (PV) system converts the energy from sunlight into electricity which can be used around your home. The Solar PV panels do not need direct sunlight to work so they can still generate some electricity on cloudy days.


How does a Solar PV system work?

Solar PV
  1. Solar panels are used to produce electricity by collecting the Sun’s energy and converting it, via the photovoltaic cells, to a DC current
  2. This current is then fed into a device called an inverter, which changes the DC current into an AC current that can be used within your home.
  3. Your system is connected to the national grid and the electricity you produce is monitored by a generation meter, allowing you to be paid your Feed In Tariff.
  4. When your panels are producing electricity, your system will automatically switch to using the solar power. Whatever power you then use in your home will cost you nothing and anything that you generate by do not consume yourself will be sold back to your energy company.

We will also supply you, free of charge with a wireless display that shows your current and cumulative electricity generation from your solar installation. This will show your how much money and how much CO2 you have saved.

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