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Heat Pump –¬†Installation



There is no standard installation process for an air source heat pump because it will differ according to the individual requirements of a property, but in an ideal world, it would go a little like this:

Step 1 We will agree a convenient date and time, normally allowing three to four days for the installation to take place.

Step 2 Initially we will determine a suitable location for the heat pump and, having done so, lay down a concrete base for it to sit on. When the base is ready, we site the heat pump onto it.

Step 3 We run an electrical supply from your fuse board to the pump itself to provide it with power.

Step 4 We start to integrate the pump into your existing heating system beginning with draining and flushing the old system. We then make any modifications needed in order to make it compatible with the new heat pump system.

Step 5 Once the compatibility work is complete, it is simply a case of running new pipe work to the heat pump, connecting it up and refilling the system.

Our engineers will then perform all the necessary safety and performance checks before commissioning the system.

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