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Renewable Heat Premium Payment

Renewable Heat Premium Payment

What is the Renewable Heat Premium Payment?

The Renewable Heat Premium Payment (RHPP) is a one-off grant designed to help meet the costs of installing renewable technologies until the Renewable Heat Incentive is introduced for domestic residences in spring 2014. Eligible technologies include solar thermal and heat pumps.


How you benefit from the Renewable Heat Premium PaymentRHPP table

The table shows that the amount of money you could receive towards your installation depends on the type of technology you are installing.

This one-off grant is designed to encourage people to install renewable technologies by helping to meet the costs of installation.

Eligibility for RHPP is dependent on a number of things: how you currently heat your home, presence of loft and/or cavity wall insulation (where practical), ownership of the property or permission from landlord to install, having a Green Deal Assessment and installation certification under MCS.


How we can help

Future Supply is one of the leading Plumbing, Heating and Renewables Companies in the area. We are fully qualified to install air-source heat pumps and solar thermal systems which may be eligible for the RHPP.

For more information, please do not hesitate to contact us or visit the Energy Savings Trust’s website.

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